Cat Adoptions

Every cat needs a loving home. Sharing your home with one of our cats is not only the most fulfilling life experience, but it gives the cat a chance at a better life. We strongly encourage saving lives and reducing the stray cat population by adopting.

Rescued is the best Breed

All cats at Cat Café Studio are up for adoption!

The cats you will see are all disadvantaged, previously stray cats who were rescued and brought to us by our sister organization, The Feline Foundation. These kitties were rescued with debilitating conditions, such as severe injuries or chronic illnesses, from harsh circumstances on the street. After vigorous rehabilitation and treatment at the foundation, they have recovered their health and strength; however, they cannot be returned to the street as they may not be able to fend for themselves due to residual health conditions. As such they are being fostered by Cat Café Studio until they find their furrever homes!​

Cats up for adoption

All the cats have also been spayed or neutered and are regularly vaccinated and dewormed. Please don’t feel sorry for our kitties, their disabilities make no difference to their lifestyle, energy, intelligence or playfulness! They are each unique in their own way.​

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step would be to visit the cafe, and spend time with our cats to see if there is one (or two) you connect with. You can also request for our Adoption Manual to get a better idea of the basics of preparing to adopt a cat and their care. Once you are sure about adopting and have a cat in mind, our senior staff will conduct your interview, which will involve filling up a questionnaire to formalize the process. If all goes well, all you will have to do then is submit a photocopy of your address proof and a government ID, sign our official adoption papers,  and you are good to take home your new family member!

As you may or may not be aware, most of Cat Café Studio’s cats have been rescued from extreme conditions and have a traumatic history of abuse, injury or abandonment. We want to ensure that they do not go back into any of those situations, so our number one priority is their well-being. By asking questions, conducting interviews, and taking you through our adoption manual, we get a pretty good idea if you are truly a serious and potential adopter. 

Meshing of all windows and balconies to avoid any accidents is of the utmost importance before taking your cat home. Separate food and water bowls, a litter box with litter and a safe carrier for transportation are the primary requirements. Secondary requirements would include scratch pads, grooming tools and toys.

Cats are a really good option as pets for working individuals especially, as they do not have to be taken out or attended to constantly. They need food, water, a designated litter tray and toys to keep them entertained. When you return after a long, hard day at work, they’ll come to you with infinite cuddles and snuggles, automatically making your day better!

No, we do not charge any fees for adoption.

Yes, all the cats in the café are vaccinated in a timely manner, and are sterilized when they are of age, which is usually around 6 months. Rescued adult cats are sterilized once they are medically fit to go through the procedure.

We follow a mixed diet of dry and wet food for the cats. Dry food is fed twice daily, in the morning and evening, and wet food (boiled chicken and oats) is fed once, in the afternoon.

We do not permit cats under the age of 3 months and below to be adopted, as they are too young to be vaccinated. Vaccinations are under the discretion of our vet, and only cats who have a clean bill of health will be up for adoption.

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Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.