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Cat Adoptions

Every cat needs a loving home. Sharing your home with one of our cats is not only the most fulfilling life experience, but it gives the cat a chance at a better life.

We strongly encourage saving lives and reducing the stray cat population by adopting.

Adopt a furrever friend!

Rescued is the best Breed

All cats at Cat Café Studio are up for adoption!

We believe that rescues are the best breed, and therefore the main goal of our cafe is to educate, raise awareness, and encourage stray cat adoption. We also primarily host vulnerable kittens, senior cats, and special needs cats. These cats, in the pool of adoptable cats, are often picked out the last due to their special needs.

Our mission is to create a safe space for such special kitties and help them to our best abilities to get a second chance at a happily ever after!

Our cats were rescued and brought to us by our NGO unit, The Feline Foundation after vigorous rehabilitation and treatment at The Feline Foundation. These kitties due to residual health conditions, cannot be returned to the streets. We foster these kitties till they find their furrever homes!

Cats up for adoption

All the cats have also been spayed or neutered, and are regularly vaccinated and dewormed.

Please don’t feel sorry for our kitties, their disabilities make no difference to their lifestyle, energy, intelligence, or playfulness!
They are each unique in their own way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step would be to visit the cafe, and spend time with our cats to see if there is one (or two) you connect with. You can also request for our Adoption Manual to get a better idea of the basics of preparing to adopt a cat and their care. Once you are sure about adopting and have a cat in mind, our senior staff will conduct your interview, which will involve filling up a questionnaire to formalize the process. If all goes well, all you will have to do then is submit a photocopy of your address proof and a government ID, sign our official adoption papers,  and you are good to take home your new family member!

The adoption process begins with you visiting the cats a couple of times at Cat Café Studio and spending time with our kitties to see who you best connect with.

Our Adoption Manager will also be present to help you answer any queries and doubts you may have! They know our cats the best and can also give you an insight into what the cat’s likes, dislikes, quirks, and, personalities are like.

We welcome first-timer adopters too! The Cat Café Staff will be happy to help you in your quest to find your furever companion!

The next step would involve taking our Adoption Manual for a read. The manual will take you through the basics of cat care and adoption preparation.

Once you have gone through the manual and know which cat/s you would like to adopt, we will then conduct an interview and make you fill out a questionnaire. This is not only to make sure that you are serious and committed to adopting a cat but also to clear any questions you may have about being a pet parent.

If all goes well, you sign the official Cat Café Studio Adoption Papers, submit a photocopy of your address proof and a government ID and you are good to take home your pet.

Please note: While our adoption process might seem long and tedious, it is a vital drill for you to follow for us to be certain of a long-term commitment to your future furry companion. Cat Café Studio expects you to be extremely certain and serious about adoption to avoid situations that may threaten the well-being of the cat (losing a cat, negligence, abandonment, etc)

We first suggest that come over to meet the kitties, get to know them, and talk to our adoption manager. Our Manager will take you through everything that entails with regards to cat care but also our adoption process.

But here are compulsory requirements you must meet to adopt a cat from Cat Café Studio –
1. You will have to be above the age of 24 to adopt. If not you will have to bring in your parent or legal guardian who will.
2. If you are renting the place, you will need to have your landlord’s permission.
3. You will need to get your windows and balcony meshed, to cat-proof your home
4. Most importantly, you need to be 10000% sure about committing your life to the cat you are adopting for the rest of the kitty’s life.

We do not permit cats under the age of 3 months and below to be adopted, as they are too young to be vaccinated. Vaccinations are under the discretion of our vet, and only cats who have a clean bill of health will be up for adoption.

No, we do not charge any fees for adoption.

Cats are a really good option as pets for working individuals, they can usually stay by themselves at home for 6-8hours as long as they have fresh food and water, a clean litter box, and toys/cat furniture to keep them entertained!

When you return after a long, hard day at work, they’ll come to you with infinite cuddles and snuggles, automatically making your day better!

If you are often away from home, do consider getting a second cat or adopting in pairs. It will not only double the love you get, but the cats will also have each other for comfort and companionship while you are away. Its a win-win!

Most of Cat Café Studio’s cats have been rescued from extreme conditions and have a traumatic history of abuse, injury or abandonment. We want to ensure that they do not go back into any of those situations, so our number one priority is their well-being. By asking questions, conducting interviews, and taking you through our adoption manual. This adoption process not only helps us determine that you are fit to adopt, but also helps you as an adopter to clear any questions or doubts you may have before adopting! The process is also to help equip you with all the knowledge you will need to be a great pet-parent.

Yes, all the cats in the café are vaccinated in a timely manner, and are sterilized when they are of age, which is usually around 6 months. Rescued adult cats are sterilized once they are medically fit to go through the procedure.

We follow a mixed diet of dry and wet food for the cats. Dry food is fed twice daily, in the morning and evening, and wet food (boiled chicken and oats) is fed once, in the afternoon.

Thank you for your generosity and love for our cats here at Cat Café Studio, it really means a lot to us and our kitties!

To know more check out out ‘Sponsor a Cat Purrogram’ for more information!

What our adopter’s have to say!

Find your purrfect companion now!

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

Adopt Paige

Paige has this look of constant surprise on her face. From far away that she is a skittish little kitty, but she's quite the opposite! She will approach you gingerly, but once close enough she will in her
little quirky way get you to play and give her head scritches. Paige would make the perfect kitty for someone who is looking for a sweet, gentle kitty who is adequately independent and equally need hoomans to pamper her!

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

Adopt Gibson

Gibson was rescued by the Feline Foundation for a massive wound on his face. Though the wound on his face healed, but there is a permanent tear in his tearduct, making a small portion of his face near his eyes a non-healing wound. Gibson in general is a shy cat, he loves butt scritches and butt pets is the one sure shot way to becoming his BFF.

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

Adopt Daze

Daze has a non-threatening neurological issue which makes her judge heights and distance wrong and she can see only partially with her right eye. But we feel that only adds to her quirky charm. She is a boss cat with a strong personality. People looking to adopt her should either adopt her with any other cat she is friendly with at the cafe, or in a house with another cat. She can get along as a solo cat in a household where there are kids who will play with her.

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

Adopt Nugget

Nugget loves all cats, he is so super friendly and loves love! He will be often spotted in the Cat Area, up to some mischief with Peach and Sourdough. He is Extremely naughty, is a feline version of a tornato! Would suggest keeping your cords and earphone wires safe, because for nugget they are nothing but mere chew toys >:D

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

Adopt Stella

Stella was found by the CCS hoomans one early morning, hungry, motherless, and scared after being chased by dogs. We took her to The Feline Foundation, for a check-up, and luckily she was! From being a scared little thing, to become a silly, playful, goofy kitten. She also became BFFs with Misty! Though they spend most of their time playing together, Stella also adores all the kitties at the cafe, and she will be often spotted playing with them! She is not shy to go up to any kitty in the cat area and let them know that she loves them by head-butting and nuzzling them. Stella is at Cat Café Studio, waiting for her forever hooman to take her home, and in return, she promises a lifetime of unconditional love!

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.


There is only space for a few things in Velvet's mind- Cuddles, Play and Treats! She is our adorable space cadet who only knows the language of love. If she were a shopkeeper, then she would only accept payments in cuddles (yes, it's terrible for business, but according to her it's a win-win!). The only thing Velvet truly wants is a hooman who can spoil her rotten furever!

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

Adopt Tikka

Tikka is an amputee cat who was rescued by our NGO Unit, The Feline Foundation with severe injuries and trauma to his front limb, which resulted in amputation as it was the only way to give him a second shot at a better life. He is a gentle giant who has a silly, kitten-like streak to him. Though he likes playing with toys, nothing can ever beat sleeping in a hoomans lap as they give Tikka unlimited head scritches This cat-shaped teddy bear is up for adoption and is looking for his furever hooman! Tikka though doesn’t mind another cat, he would like to be in a home where he is the only kitty and doesn’t have to share the love with anyone!

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.


Fezco is a friendly cat who loves to play with toys and other cats. Calling him an attention seeker would be an understatement as he loves to get as much pets as possible. Fezco is naughty and loves to give chase to cats. He would be a purrfect companion for a house with children who can become his siblings for life!

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

Adopt Sabrina

Sabrina was brought to our NGO Unit, The Feline Foundation with a huge open wound on the side of her body. Such a traumatizing wound on a little kitten made Sabrina a medical emergency. It is thanks to The Feline Foundation that provided her immediate treatment, which is why we have a happy and healthy Sabrina with us here at Cat Café Studio for adoption! Sabrina is a magical little kitty. Her special abilities? To make anyone fall in love with just a blink and head tilt. She is a sweet little girl, who has endless energy when it comes to playing with toys and other kitties. She is such a genuinely nice cat and has endless love to give to anyone who wants it. She can make you smile even on a bad day by just looking at you blankly with her sparkly kitten eyes.

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.


Eclair never fails to crack us up! She's such a feisty little cat but her goofy moments makes us fall in love with her even more! You will often find her staring into space, with no thoughts in her head. She forcefully occupies people's laps, she will find a way to squirm into your lap and will refuse to get off...be ready to say good bye to a finger or two if you dare to move her.
When she wants pets, she will sit up on her hind legs, and use her front paw to motion 'come, give me pets'.
These are the things that make Eclair a unique cat-dinosaur hybrid. She is actively looking for a hooman who will re-enact the movie, Jurassic Park with her (She's obviously the T-rex, Duh!).

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.


Theodore aka Theo is our one-eyed pirate! Why you ask? Because he's here to steal your heart!
(Theo: Ahoy, Matey!)

He was rescued by our sister organisation, The Feline Foundation (TFF), due to an injured eye, which was successfully removed. After his recovery, he was released to his caretaker, but he later met with another accident that later left him with a fractured jaw and nearly severed his tongue. An emergency surgery lead by the pawsome TFF team, helped save his life!

This accident left Theo unfit to survive on the streets, therefore he was brought to Cat Café Studio to find a loving home where he could be safe and loved.

Theo has two sides to him, one that is gentle and loving- He will purr non-stop like an engine when you pet him, and the other side, is spicy and sassy! You will be amazed how silly and naughty he can be at times!

He is looking for a Captain who can sail his ship to his Furever Home- The land of endless cuddles and treats.

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.


Magnolia is our newest 'Phataka'! She is an amputee cat who was rescued and cared for by our friends at Save Our Strays!

Sweet Magnolia wants nothing more than cuddles and TREATS. She will sell your soul for extra treats, but the best way to become her BFF is through her stomach!

She has the biggest, roundest, most irresistible, sparkly eyes that she'll stare at you with, and as you are lost in the trance, she will find her way into your lap for an never ending cuddle session!

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

Adopt Misty

Just like the Pokemon trainer, Misty's named after, She is fearless, brave, and spicy! This sweet girl as a kitten was found by the Feline Foundation team, weak, malnourished, and sickly. Being the brave and feisty kitty she is, Misty fought through all odds despite facing tons of tiny hiccups in her journey to become healthier. It's thanks to all the medical care, love, and pampering by the Pawsome folks at The Feline Foundation, that she finally is her spicy self and is at CCS looking for her forever hooman! If you looking to add a little flavor to your life, then Misty is the right kind of spicy for you!

Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.

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Note: Adoptions carried out at Cat Café Studio are free of charge.