Bungalow No. 63, Harminder Singh Rd, Aram Nagar Part 1, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai +91 8291490907

Flightnetwork – 5 of the Coolest Cafes to Hit Up in Mumbai

Cafes, cats, supporting animal shelters and adoptions while drinking coffee? Sign us up! At Cat Café Studio, this friendly cat cafe will allow you to meet the most loveable furry felines. || Read More..

Indian Express – Cat Café Studio: A café with a difference — it’s for stray cats

“Meet our latest rescue, Bianca,” Mriidu Khosla – managing director of Cat Café Studio – says, walking towards a tiny one-month-old kitten curled up in a large cage. Bianca is the most recent member of the Cat Café family || Read More..

Cole and Marmalade – India’s First Cat Café

Cat Cafés are becoming more and more popular, purrsonally I love them, not only are they a great quiet place for a cup of coffee… they’re an invaluable way to help local shelters get cats adopted! || Read More..

Mid-day – This Versova Café Is Home To Adorable Cats .

Aram Nagar has a Cat Café Studio, inside a film production house that moonlights as an animal shelter and a cat adoption centre. Anju Maskeri spends an afternoon in the company of 15 cats in Bungalow No. 63 along with.. || Read More..

Cats & Kittens – A date with kitties at Cat Café Studio.

If you are a feline lover, Cat Café Studio in Mumbai is the place to be! Here’s more on this caféStarted by Mriidu Khosla, Charu Khosla and Jason Moss, Cat Café Studio in Mumbai is the place for all feline lovers.|| Read More..

Charu Of India’s 1st Cat Café Tells Us Why She Has Started Loving All Things Broken.

Imagine a cute little fur ball jumping around you, trying to come and sleep in your lap or be your company when there’s no one around to share that delicious pie with you?Well, with the advent of pet cafés.|| Read More..

Mriidu Khosla’s cat café is a heaven for cat lovers.

The big billboard in front of the quaint bungalow that houses Cat Café Studio features a black cat peeking out of a teacup. Enter the place and you’ll see that the signage perfectly. || Read More..

We Visited Mumbai’s Only Cat Café And It Was Perfectly Adorable.

Florence, a cat with an amputated limb hops into Mriidu Khosla’s cabin that has a saline drip on one wall and project maps on the other. Ever since she decided to open her own studio, ‘Zcyphher studios’.|| Read More..


Mriidu Khosla rescued her first cat just a few months after moving to Mumbai to live by herself. The wounded animal lived only six months but the incident sparked off a lifelong passion for Mriidu, the founder of Zcyphher, an advertising and branding agency, who began rescuing more felines and bringing them..|| Read More..

When Mumbaikars spent time at a cat café .

Are you feeling the heat of a tough work week? Put a cat on your speed dial. Not in the literal sense, but by heading out to meet one at a cat café. That’s right, these cafés are already huge trend abroad || Read More..