The Concept

Cat Café Studio – Art Studio concept was born out of a need to build an exhilarating, collaborative, and unique environment for independent artists. The founders of Cat Café Studio, being artists, themselves felt the need to create a space to motivate and stir artists around the country.

It is a small, snug space where regular events range from Open Mics, Band Performances, Live Music sets,
Stand-up Shows to Open Houses, Adoption Camps, Flea Markets and more.

The events are organised in connection to popular festivals and public occasions like Children’s Days, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year and International Cat Days.

Exploit the creativity & seek Inspiration

Host your own event

If you can organize an event, CCS- Art Studio is available for it. It can be rented for conducting art exhibitions, flea markets, seminars, co-working spaces, workshops, private movie screenings, support groups, comedy and poetry nights, theatre and music rehearsals and numerous other artistic collaborations.

So, come and relish this space to indulge in artistic endeavours by either exhibiting your art or performing here at our weekly events. The independent art circuit of Mumbai welcomes you!

The independent art circuit of Mumbai welcomes you!

Upcoming Events

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