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If you are reading this purragraph of text, then you’re probably a:

1) Hooman who’s not ready to adopt a cat yet;
2) Overseas Hooman who can’t adopt from Cat Café Studio but have been stalking our Cat-alogue and wants to donate or help a cat out with your fancy foreign currency;
3) Hooman who visited the café and fell in love with one of our cats.
4) If you are a cat and are reading this paragraph on your hooman’s computer, here’s your translation: meowww meow meow ow meooow meow eowwww wowwww mow mow mow cash mow credit card meow wet food wow wow dry food ok meow catnip zzzzzzzz..



1. Old Newspapers
2. Electric heater – 2
3. E-Collar- 3 kitten sized, 2 medium, 1 large.
4. Mops – 3
5. Disinfectant : Kennel Wash
6. New Syringes : 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml
7. Gauze bandage rolls
8. Cotton
9. Cat Carries
10. Cat and Dog collars
11. Leashes
12. Pet diapers
13. Pet wipes
14. PetAg bottle kit -2
15. Miracle Nipple mini -2
16. Play Pen : 28”(small), 45”(medium), 61”(large)
17. Himalaya Tick and Flea Control Erina-EP Shampoo, 200ml
18. Pedialyte (for dehydrated cats)


1.Me-o wet food tins Tuna flavor
2. Wiskas dry food (any flavor)
3. Me-o Dry food 20kgs
4. Wiskas kitten wet food pouch
5. Royal Cannin Dog food 
6. Cat and Dog treats.


1. Treats
2. Cat litter mat-5
3. Cat toys
4. Scratch Posts
5. Catnip
6. Blue Cages

Supplies For Our Foster Kittens

1. Snuggle Kitty (a toy and source of comfort for infant kittens)
2. Mini whisks (to mix food easily)
3. Pet Cube ( surveillance camera for the sick cats and a laser toy)


Sponsora cat Program


Whoever you are, the Sponsor A Cat program is for everyone, from the kitty fanatic to the serial adopter to just someone who likes to pet cats and see them grow into happy, healthy animals.

By enrolling into the cat café studio ‘Sponsor a Cat’ program, you can make a payment of 3000 which will be used towards the food, medical and care expenses of your favourite cat, from anywhere in the world!

Excited about the program? Want to put your head through the cat door? Go ahead and hit the button below!

Sponsor now

Other ways to Sponsor:
You can make monthly payments through cash / cheques or wire transfers.
NEFT/RTGS Details:
Account Name: Cat Cafe Studio

Account Number: 510101000910081
IFSC Code: CORP0001466

Bank Name: Corporation Bank
Branch: Lokhandwala, Mumbai


MICR Code: 400017076

Please note:

1. In case the cat chosen by you is already vaccinated by Cat Café Studio, we will use the vaccination amount for next rescued cat.
2. Cat Café Studio shall not be sending monthly payment reminders for the ‘Sponsor the Cat’ Program you have opted for your chosen cat.
3. While you are free to come visit and inquire about your cat’s well being anytime from the staff, sponsorship does not entitle you to demand
daily updates on the cat or make any medical or food related decisions for the cat on our behalf.