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Started from a tiny bungalow and now we’re here






Our Story

We are a social enterprise run and funded by Zcyphher – An Independent Creative Agency.

Sometime in the year 2010, we started  on a very small scale, rescuing stray cats, taking care of them, tending to their medical needs, and offering them up for adoption. We were only limited to animal-loving communities. 

But due to an overwhelming response and heartwarming purrs, Cat Café Studio opened its gates to everyone, in 2015. Today, it has become a large adoption center, which provides a full-fledged cafe experience. Furthermore, Cat Café Studio hosts between 20 to 30 cats at any given time.

Low cost Clinic and Pet Store

The Feline Foundation

Additionally, in 2017, we founded The Feline Foundation, an NGO which has taken up all of our rescue and care operations, after which the cats come into the café for adoption. Besides rescuing cats, they also work on community outreach so that more people in the city and country know about the needs of strays, and help them lead better lives. Also, you can read more about their work on www.thefelinefoundation.com

We are already famous!

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We have a bustling social media presence and we have executed many successful fundraising and adoption campaigns for our dear felines. Since the inception of Cat Café Studio, our motto of ‘Rescue. Care. Love. Adopt.’ has been clear and it is reflected in the response from all the happy families who have adopted cats from us.